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Fixing the Mistakes of Past Legal Proceedings

People have the right to appeal if they believe a mistake played a significant role in the negative outcome of their legal proceeding. Not only are appeals a complex process, they are time-sensitive. A notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days. Otherwise, the appeal may not be able to move forward.

I am an experienced appellate attorney. This is critical, because the area of appeals is significantly different than the other areas of law. Handling an appeal is different than going to trial in the initial case. The procedures are different. I know the rules and I know how to get results.

The Challenge of Appeals

For the most part, the biggest challenge in appellate law is that one is typically limited to only working with the material that was made available during the initial proceeding. Very rarely is bringing in new details an option. Instead, the attorney has to be able to review the existing case details for proof that something went wrong.

Appeals in all Areas of the Law

I have extensive experience handling family law appeals. These tend to be cases in which child custody or visitation arrangements did not comply with what a reasonable person would expect, or in which property division was skewed too heavily in favor of one side or the other to be fair. Perhaps the case was handled by a lawyer who made critical errors. Perhaps the errors were made by the judge.

I also handle appeals in all other areas of the law:

  • Criminal appeals
  • Civil appeals, such as personal injury appeals and more

To review my background serving people in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the New York City area in appeals, please take a look at my representative appeals.

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