BROOKLYN, New York. It is well-known that divorce is a stressful process. Doctors have understood for years that stress can have an impact on a person’s body and health. While divorce can raise emotional concerns for both parties as well as their children, it is important that you also be aware of the ways that divorce can impact your physical health. How does divorce affect your body and how can you cope? Here are a few ways:

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  • Metabolic syndrome. According to Prevention, women who are divorced are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than women who are married. Metabolic syndrome is the confluence of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excessive belly fat, and high cholesterol. If you are getting divorced, consider visiting your doctor to understand your risk factors and steps you should take to protect your health.
  • Cardiovascular disease. Women are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than men after divorce. Why? Women tend to suffer more financially from divorce and studies have shown that they may remain single longer after divorce. This is where a qualified divorce lawyer in Brooklyn, New York like the Elliot Green Law Offices can help. Our firm can fight to help you get the best possible financial settlement during your divorce. Not only does this help you financially, but it also could have the added benefit of protecting your heart.
  • Substance use. Here, men are more at risk than women. Often individuals use substances to cope with other issues linked to divorce, such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Rather than using alcohol to treat these issues, consider reaching out to a qualified therapist or counselor.
  • According to Woman’s Day, one of the earliest signs of high stress is a headache. So, even if you think you have everything together and are doing just fine, if you are getting more headaches, the stress may be getting to you. This is where it helps to have a team on your side. Get family and friends to help you. Contact a qualified lawyer to guide you through the legal process. If you are in emotional distress, consider reaching out to a counselor or join a support group.
  • Muscle pain. Stress can make you tense, literally and emotionally. This can make it more likely that you can pull a muscle or experience pain after a long day of work. Practice deep breathing to release tension periodically during the day. Take a meditation class, yoga class, or give yourself that massage.
  • Memory problems. Stress can lead to insomnia and divorce can cause depression. Both of these conditions can make us feel foggy and sluggish. This is where having a qualified divorce lawyer, like the Elliot Green Law Offices in Brooklyn, New York can help. Our firm can take care of the paperwork and help you navigate the tough questions that must be asked during your divorce. When it comes to divorce, you want to cross all your Ts and dot all your Is. Contact a qualified professional to help.

Divorce can impact not only you, but your children. It can’t hurt to take everyone in the family in for a check-up with your primary care physician and consider following up with other support professionals like therapists and counselors. Having help can not only make the divorce process less stressful for all involved, it can also protect your health.

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