BROOKLYN, New York. According to CNBC, one of the leading causes of strife and stress in a relationship are financial difficulties. This doesn’t necessarily mean that struggling to pay the bills means the end of your marriage. Many divorces stemming from financial stress can be traced back to differing views about how to spend and save money. In fact, according to one survey, as many as one in five people may hide financial transactions or spending habits from a spouse.

According to Forbes, differing views about money’s role can also damage a relationship. One person’s “foolish” spending habits are another person’s necessities and pleasures. For example, one person might see any kind of gambling as a problem, while another might see it as a fun way to spend a Saturday night when done in moderation. However, if one partner thinks the other is foolishly spending money, one study found that the couple was 45% more likely to divorce. Couples can also face conflict when they have differing views about how to shop for deals. For example, a penny-pinching spouse that controls every penny can cause just as much trouble as a spouse who spends too much money.

At the end of the day, if you and your spouse’s values surrounding money don’t add up, divorce can occur. Unfortunately, money troubles that haunt your marriage can also haunt your divorce. For example, if you have children, you’ll have to develop a parenting plan that answers tough questions about your child’s medical care, after school activities, weekend activities, vacations, and schooling. All of these things cost money. If one parent thinks that private school, a soccer coach, and braces are not necessary costs, then conflict can arise during divorce. Having a qualified family law attorney in Brooklyn, New York like the Elliot Green Law Offices to help you navigate the tough financial and legal questions that arise during divorce can help you settle your differences while also allowing you and your ex to move forward. Divorce will require some compromises. As you and your ex divide bank accounts, property, debts, and make decisions about how your children will be raised, compromises will likely need to be made.

The fact is that financial difficulties and differences are often due to conflicting values and ideas in a couple. A couple with shared values and goals will be more able to work together to tackle their financial difficulties. However, if you and your partner are fighting about financial problems, there may be other underlying issues. Couples are wise to seek counseling before divorce to better understand how their differences are shaping their marriage and conflicts. Even if your marriage doesn’t work out, the insights you gain can help you have a more amicable divorce.

It is a good idea to seek legal help if you are considering getting divorced. The divorce lawyers at the Elliot Green Law Offices in Brooklyn, New York can work with you and your ex to find equitable solutions to the financial, legal, and personal issues that divorce can raise.

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