BROOKLYN, New York. It is common for couples to have different parenting styles. The ways we have been raised as children and our family dynamics growing up can have a significant influence on how we choose to parent our children. But what happens if you are getting divorced, making child custody decisions, and disagree with your ex’s parenting style? Fortunately, you and your ex can find a way to work together, develop a child custody plan that works, and find solutions that are in the best interests of your children. However, it can be useful to have help. A qualified child custody lawyer can support you through the process and help you and your ex clarify and outline your priorities to result in the best possible solution for your family.

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If you’re getting divorced, first of all, it can help to think about the goals you have for your children. Think about the rules you’d want to set and how those rules fit into your goals. Many times, divorcing couples have similar parenting goals. Whether it’s raising happy, healthy, and successful children, or putting family time first, you may learn that you and your ex share similar parenting goals.

Understand that there are different ways to achieve these goals. You and your ex can have distinct household rules can also help you when developing a parenting plan. Many divorcing couples may decide to let each parent set the rules in his or her home. As long as each parent is consistent with his or her respective rules, your children should be able to adjust.

According to the Spruce, both parents should sit down and write the rules they’d like to set. Try to be comprehensive. Consider bedtimes, snacks, extracurricular activities, religious activities, homework rules, and rules around recreation and playtime. Consider what each of you believe is appropriate discipline. Even if you disagree with your ex on many of these matters, it can help to understand where each of you stand.

If your child is young, you’ll also need to develop a parenting plan that is flexible and that can grow with your child. You and your ex may need to set aside time to discuss concerns and major decisions. According to Parenting, it can sometimes help to have some ground rules going into these conversations. For one, parents shouldn’t have these conversations in front of the children, especially if you anticipate that they might become heated. Secondly, it can help to include in your parenting plan domains that each parent will be responsible for. For example, mom might take care of medical and school decisions, while dad will make decisions about extracurricular activities. Your parenting plan should also stipulate what should happen when you and your ex cannot agree on a decision.

If you are getting divorced and are drafting a parenting plan, the Elliot Green Law Offices in Brooklyn, New York are child custody lawyers who can help you find a resolution that is best for your family. Child custody decisions can be among the most difficult parts of any divorce agreement. Fortunately, you don’t have to negotiate the process alone. Visit our firm at to learn more.






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