BROOKLYN, New York. According to the Lily, only 27 percent of millennials are married. Of those who have been married, a scant 3 percent have been divorced. For those who do get divorced, being part of a minority can be challenging. According to the Lily, many women may be getting married for the first time in their late twenties and early thirties. Young divorcees may find themselves suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar dating scene among a pool of potential mates who have never been married.

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For the individuals getting divorced, there can be a great deal of stigma. According to Business Insider, millennials have waited longer to get married. They tend to know themselves better when they tie the knot. However, for those millennials who got married—and divorced—younger, it can be difficult to find oneself suddenly single. Some individuals report taking time after their divorce to consider what they want for themselves—to grow, move to a new town, or find new hobbies—before considering dating again. After all, many millennials getting divorced may have married quite young—some in their late teens or early twenties. While their peers were partying and discovering themselves, they may have been building a family at home.

Additionally, many millennials live together long before they get married, which means that you have some millennials experiencing long-term breakups without the legal ramifications of divorce, and then you have the millennials who chose to tie the knot facing similar breakups, but with the legal complications of divorce.

Getting divorced younger can sometimes change the divorce dynamic. Younger couples may not be as financially enmeshed as older couples. They may not yet own property and they may not have had as much time to build assets. Younger couples may also not yet have children, which can make the divorce process a bit easier. Yet, younger couples may also be more likely to have enmeshed friend groups. Rather than dividing assets, these couples may find themselves struggling to make new friends. Younger couples may also be more likely to have invested time, energy, and money into their pets. Rather than a child custody battle, these couples may face pet custody battles.

Yet, being younger during divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that the divorce will be easier. Couples who own a home or who have young children will face some of the tough questions that older married couples must face. Younger children may also require more dynamic parenting plans because their needs will change as they grow. Finally, younger couples getting divorced with young children will also need to consider where they will reside and job opportunities in their area, because moving after divorce can be tough.

Regardless of whether you have assets or no assets, children or no children, it is important to take the divorce process seriously. Divorce is a legal process that can impact your life and your finances for years to come. If you are getting divorced, consider speaking to a qualified divorce lawyer like the Elliot Green Law Offices in Brooklyn, New York. Our firm helps individuals of all ages and generations navigate the unique challenges of divorce. Visit us at to learn how we can help.





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