BROOKLYN, New York. Divorce can sometimes bring the worst of our dirty laundry to light. If you cheated on your partner, if you suffered from an addiction that ruined holidays, or if you performed any other indiscretion during the course of your marriage, all of this could possibly come to light should you take your divorce case to court. This means that in the process of fighting for an appropriate divorce settlement or child custody agreement, you and your partner could reveal private matters that you’d prefer to keep private. Some of these facts could impact your career, personal life, and standing in the community.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has brought to light how the powerful can use non-disclosure agreements to silence women they have abused. The New Yorker has written about the risk of using these agreements in situations where there are power dynamics involved. Yet, when it comes to divorce, non-disclosure agreements or private settlements can often protect both parties, their children, and their families. Celebrities and the very wealthy often elect to use non-disclosure agreements and private settlements to keep the media out of their private matters. As our lives become more public. As employers find it easier than ever to research new hires and use social media to learn about workers, more divorcing couples are also considering this route as well.

According to the Huffington Post, a confidential divorce settlement can prevent the public, the media, or prying eyes from looking at your divorce settlement, child custody settlement, or into personal matters disclosed during your divorce.

While this makes good sense, it is also important to note than many of the disclosures made during divorce are voluntary, and done over social media. If you are going through a divorce, consider taking some time away from social media. Anything you say or do on social media can be used against you should your divorce go to trial. While you can’t necessarily stop your ex from saying things on social media, you can always gently remind him or her about the potential impact it can have on your divorce settlement.

Finally, if you are planning on getting divorced, you may want to speak to the qualified divorce lawyers at the Elliot Green Law Offices in Brooklyn, New York. Our firm can review your circumstances and goals. We may be able to serve as mediators if you wish to arrive at a private settlement with your ex. In many cases, reaching a private child custody settlement is better than fighting your case in court. When couples take their divorce disagreements before a judge there is always the possibility that the judge will make a decision about the divorce or child custody that neither person wants.

Divorce is never easy, but it can be much more difficult if you find yourself facing public scrutiny for your actions or for your divorce. If you are concerned about privacy matters and your divorce, visit our firm’s website at today.



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