BROOKLYN, New York. If you are considering getting divorced, it is important to consider all the factors that will go into play during the process. Divorce is not just an emotional decision. It is a financial decision that can impact your assets, your home, and your savings. It is also a legal decision that can have an impact on your children and family. If you are planning on getting divorced, it is important to find a qualified divorce lawyer in Brooklyn, New York like the Elliot Green Law Offices, who can help you resolve some of the tough financial and child custody questions that divorce can raise. Having a divorce lawyer on your side can help you avoid some of the common divorce mistakes and pitfalls, and avoid some of the regrets divorcing couples face. What are the top three regrets divorcing couples may face?

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  1. Rushing the divorce process. According to Bustle, divorce regret is common. One of the leading causes of divorce regret is rushing the divorce process. Even if you think your divorce will be fairly easy, rushing or doing a do-it-yourself divorce could mean giving up important rights. A properly planned divorce takes time. Don’t give up your rights or your money just because you want to get the process over with. Finally, it may be wise to take some time to consider whether you should split in the first place. Have you tried couples counseling? Even if you plan to separate in the end, couples counseling can help you and your soon to be ex work out resentments so that they don’t play out during your divorce.
  2. Using social media to vent about your ex. According to Men’s Fitness, it could be a big mistake to vent about your ex on social media. Anything you say could later be used against you in either a child custody battle or a financial settlement. If you are dating while the divorce is being finalized, don’t post photos of your new flame on social media either. Doing so could cost you.
  3. Putting the kids in the middle of the split. Divorce can be highly emotional, but one of the biggest regrets divorcing couples struggle with is when the children are put in the middle of the split. Your parenting plan should be seen as a collaborate endeavor designed with the best interests of your children in mind. Every parenting plan will be different and will depend on your family’s needs. Some families will divide time evenly, while others will opt for one parent to have custody and the other to have visitation rights. Taking the time to work out a detailed parenting plan is important. In the best outcomes, child custody matters and financial settlements are planned as distinct entities in the divorce agreement and are not conflated.

Getting divorced may be the toughest decision of your life. This is why you need a qualified and compassionate divorce attorney by your side. Visit us at to learn more about how our firm can help you avoid some of the most common divorce pitfalls.



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