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Child Custody and Family Attorneys in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island

Child custody can be one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. Even families that get along well can enter into drawn out battles over where the child will live and who will have visitation rights. More often than not, what the child wants is overlooked. It’s important to take each family member’s opinions and desires into account when making custody arrangements because just one wrong move can affect the entire family dynamic for years to come. If you are struggling with child custody issues, Brooklyn family lawyer Elliot Green can help. Mr. Green has years of successful experience helping resolve family issues and will do everything in his power to help your case resolve as favorably as possible.

What Types of Custody Arrangements are Possible in Brooklyn?

There are two types of custody arrangements that are possible in Brooklyn: Physical Custody and Legal Custody. Physical custody determines where the child will live while legal custody determines which parent will make important decisions in the child’s life, including education, health and religion. Typically, one parent will obtain physical custody while the other will be granted joint legal custody and visitation rights.

Factors Affecting Child Custody

One parent isn’t favored over the other solely because of gender. Each parent has equal right to custody, provided there aren’t any unfavorable circumstances. Child custody lawyer Elliot Green will thoroughly review your case and will make sure your rights are fully protected. There are times when one spouse may try to paint an unfavorable picture of the other without just cause, but with Attorney Green on your side, you can rest assured the truth will surface and you will not be denied the right to see your children if there is no detrimental evidence against you.

A court always determines custody based on what is in the best interest of the person. The court will review each parent’s lifestyle, their ability to provide for the child, their relationship with the child, and other factors. If there is any evidence of domestic violence, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, or drug use, the parent may have their custody or visitation rights denied completely.

The older the youth is, the more say they will have in their custody arrangements. Some children may be able to choose who they want to live with, but for the most part, young children will have the courts decide on their behalf. If you are unhappy with the court’s decision, hiring a family attorney in Brooklyn will be your best shot at obtaining the outcome you deserve. Elliot Green will represent you with passion and diligence and will help you resolve your differences with your spouse through mediation.

How an Experienced Brooklyn Family Lawyer Can Help You Obtain Joint Custody

Joint legal custody is possible in New York, but only when parents can communicate well and have a cordial relationship. When joint legal custody is granted, both parents will have a say in the important decisions of the child’s life. Though parents need not come to an agreement, if the parents are constantly arguing over how to raise the child, this will establish a tumultuous environment, and everyone will be in a no-win situation. There are also far too many times when one parent will try to portray the other in an unfavorable light. Custody lawyer Elliot Green can see right through these attempts and will not allow a parent to lose their right to see their off-spring.

If you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on custody arrangements, Mr. Green will mediate and help resolve your differences outside of court so the child will not be affected negatively. The faster you come to an agreement on custody, the easier it will be for the youth. Mr. Green understands that child custody is never an easy decision, but if both parents are able to provide a safe, loving and nurturing home, there should be no reason why joint legal custody cannot be granted.

With a thorough understanding of New York family law, Attorney Elliot Green will help secure the most favorable outcome for your case so your whole family can benefit.

What Happens When One Parent Denies the Other Visitation Rights?

If custody arrangements were already determined in court but your ex-spouse is not allowing you to see your child, it will be in your best interest to consult with a family lawyer in Brooklyn to make sure your rights are not infringed upon. Even if one parent does not pay support, the other cannot deny them visits with their children if they have not engaged in any questionable behavior.

Brooklyn custody attorney Elliot Green will help you file a complaint and will make sure you are granted the visitation rights you deserve. If your current visitation arrangements are not to your liking, Mr. Green can also help you file an appeal to have them changed. 

Protecting the Best Interests of the Child

A lot is at stake when it comes to custody arrangements and if a child’s best interests are not met, the entire family may suffer for years to come. Family lawyer Elliot Green understands that each family’s needs are unique and will treat your case with the individual level of attention it deserves. Trust that Mr. Green will offer you experienced and compassionate legal counsel so as to obtain the best possible resolution for your case.

Contact the Law Offices of Elliot Green today to determine the best approach to resolving your case.


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