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Family Lawyers and Attorneys in Brooklyn, New York

Today, family relationships have become increasingly complicated. Challenged by the hectic pace of daily life, many families are rarely free from stress and conflict. When disputes cannot be resolved privately within the home, legal action may become inevitable, which makes having a trustworthy attorney indispensable.

The family law practice at the Law Office of Elliot Green is dedicated to helping families resolve a wide range of issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, paternity and domestic violence, among others. As the father of four children and a proud family man, Attorney Elliot Green is keenly aware of the delicate issues facing modern families, whether traditional, blended or nontraditional.

With offices in Brooklyn, New York and Englishtown, New Jersey, our firm has a proven track record of helping families resolve their most complex and challenging issues. We have a well earned reputation for being accessible to clients whenever needed and guiding them through these difficult times with knowledge and compassion.


If you are considering a divorce, we will offer you objective insights on how to protect your interests and preserve the well-being of your children. We are well versed in the key issues that must be resolved in a divorce, including the division of property, spousal maintenance, child custody and child support.

Division of Property

Property acquired during a marriage must be divided according to the state’s equitable distribution rules. We represent a wide range of clients, including middle income couples, small business owners and high net-worth individuals, and have an in depth understanding of the factors the courts rely on in reaching these determinations.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is the financial assistance provided to a former spouse by the other partner. If spouses disagree about support issues, the courts may be required to intervene. Nonetheless, under the current Domestic Relations Law, determinations of the amount and length of spousal support are based on a formula. Elliot Green is well-versed in all aspects of the the relevant law and routinely works with client to reach favorable outcomes.

Child Custody

Generally, there are two types of custody:

  • Legal Custody – The right and responsibility of each parent to make decisions regarding the children’s financial well-being and general welfare.
  • Physical Custody – Determining which parent the child will live with. If sole custody is awarded, the court will usually grant reasonable visitation rights to the non-custodial parent.

Today, the courts are typically inclined to grant joint custody, provided that both parents mutually agree and that there are no issues involved such as drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence or child abuse. Ultimately, these decisions are based on what is in the best interests of the children.

Child Support

Child support is the financial assistance that parents are obligated to provide to their children until they reach a certain age. To determine child support payments, the court considers a number of factors such as each parent’s income, whether one spouse is paying support to the other, and the health, medical, or educational expenses of the children, among others.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is designed to be a more civil and cost-effective method of dissolving a marriage. However, for mediation to be successful, both parties must cooperate and negotiate in good faith. Although we often encourage our clients to reach negotiated settlements, we are fully prepared to litigate any matter in the courts.

Pre-Marital/Post-Marital Agreements

At the Law Office of Elliot Green, we routinely negotiate and prepare premarital and postmarital agreements that are designed to specify each party’s property rights if they decide to divorce. Ultimately, well designed agreements can avoid court intervention, and reduce the conflict that often arises in a divorce proceeding.


Adoption is the legal process in which parental rights are transferred to the adopting parents, creating a new parent-child relationship. In New York, there are two types of adoptions with different procedures – agency adoptions and private placement adoptions. Our legal team will help you understand the issues involved in adopting a child, prepare all the required documentation and represent you at the adoption hearings.


A paternity lawsuit may be necessary to determine parental rights if the identity of the biological father is in question. A paternity determination can ultimately involve a wide range of family law issues such as child custody, visitation and child support. Depending on the circumstances, we can assist in filing a paternity suit or defend you against a paternity action in the Family Court.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs in many relationships in the form of harassment, assault, sexual abuse or neglect. Over his many years of practice, Elliot Green has obtained numerous orders of protection in order to keep his clients safe.

New York Family Law Attorney

The Law Office of Elliot Green is dedicated to helping families resolve their most challenging issues and restore a sense of order. We are widely recognized in the legal community for our knowledge of all aspects of family law and for maintaining the highest ethical standards. Regardless of the issue facing your family, we will treat you with dignity and respect and work diligently to find a fair and reasonable solution. Call our office today for a free consultation or complete the contact form on our website.

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The Law Office of Elliot Green Serves Clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and throughout the greater New York City area.


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