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Forensic/Social Work Staff

Holly Kotkin, M.S.W. became a part of the staff of The Law Office of Elliot Green in 2003 as a forensic social worker. Ms. Kotkin earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rowan University and her Masters of Social Work from Monmouth University as well.

Ms. Kotkin has also been previously employed as Social Worker on the Child Study Team at South River Public Schools Elementary/Middle Schools, Bayshore Youth and Family Services, and Juvenile Family Court Crisis Intervention Unit.

Ms. Kotkin assists clients at the Law Office Of Elliot Green by obtaining therapeutic services that can often be required in complying with Court orders or assisting in the preparation of the case for trial. These service referrals may include parenting skills, counseling, family counseling, therapeutic visitation, domestic violence programs, mental health evaluations, IEP Examinations, etc…

Ms. Kotkin uses her experience and knowledge of forensics to assist in the cross-examination of forensic experts who may testify on issues of custody and visitation as well as interpreting the forensic report. The ability to have an expert on staff in our office provides you with the ability to have your questions in regards to the forensic examination answered not only from a legal point of view but also from a therapeutic standpoint.

As the Courts continue to stress the importance of conducting forensic evaluations on issues of custody/visitation it is imperative that your legal representation on these highly contested matters not only include a staff of lawyers but also forensic specialists. When you retain the Law Offices of Elliot Green you obtain the best of both.


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